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This version is now obsolete. To read about the latest version, click here.

This ROM package is not supported by Samsung
Failure to complete the update process could result to bricking your phone
Downloading this ROM package from a different site may result in a fake or tampered firmware


Version: ech01-b04
Base ROM Version: DXHJ1


  • Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 (1)
  • Arcsoft Streaming Player
  • Google Launcher
  • Google Maps
  • Samsung Today 1 Plugin
  • Samsung Widgets Plugin
  • Microsoft .NETCF 2.0 (2)
  • Microsoft SQLCE 3.0 (2)
  • Microsoft Windows Update
  • Microsoft Windows Live
  • Opera 9
  • PodCasts
  • RSSReader
  • Shozu
  • Solitaire & Bubblebreaker

  • Certain MP3's, images & themes


  • Adobe Flash Lite 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Desktop
  • Microsoft .NETCF 3.5
  • Microsoft SQLCE 3.5
  • XXXHolic Theme, Windows Media Player XXXHolic Skin, Power on/off animation/sound (3)

  • Hid Customer Feedback & Error Reporting in the Control Panel

Samsung Launcher:

The Samsung Launcher has been modified to look for certain shortcuts to run certain programs. This would allow the user to install similar applications and still use the Samsung Launcher to run these preferred programs. These shortcuts must be placed in the \windows folder.
  • Internet Browser button: Netbrw.lnk
  • RSSReader button: RSSReader.lnk
  • PodCasts button: PodCasts.lnk

Screen Shots:

Modified Samsung Today 2 Plugin
Modified Samsung Launcher and Opera Browser displaying a page with embedded Flash content
The Version, Memory & About Screens

Known Issues And Other Notes:

(1) It would seem that the Samsung Widgets specifically requires Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 to run and will not work with this release.

(2) Certain programs may require specific versions of Microsoft SQLCE/.NETCF and thus may not work with this release. If your program is not working, please post in the discussion thread the name and the version to determine whether to revert to the original version that came with the firmware.

(3) The included xxxHolic Theme 1 although set to display black shade, Windows Mobile will automatically turn it to a gray shade. See this page for an explanation:

To Do:

  1. Check the possibility of removing other applications
  2. Make the theme more cohesive and maybe apply the theme to other applications
  3. Add User Customization:
  4. Create UC Packages


  1. Please backup your phone contacts, emails, messages and other important user information.
  2. Download and install the Samsung modem drivers for Windows XP.
  3. Download and unpack the xxxHOLiC ROM package using WinRAR from RARSoft.
  4. Scan the package for any viruses. DO NOT continue should a virus be found.
  5. Run the ROM package and follow the instructions to update.
  6. Enjoy your Samsung Omnia Phone: xxxHOLiC Edition (=

ROM Download:

This version is now obsolete and the files have been removed. To download the latest version, click here.


MrToto for his ROM Kitchen. The people at for making an i900-specific ROM Kitchen. for the useful forum resource for the Samsung Omnia. for advanced release of the ROMs. for modifications to the i900 ROM Kitchen making it easier to understand. for making a UC capable bare bones ROM and pointing to the source reference on how this could be done. for developing SDAutoRun. Dvha79 for the Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 Package. The person who packaged the MS SQLCE 3.5.
Copyright belongs to their respective owners. © 2008. Emmanuel C. Halos. All Rights Reserved.