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This ROM package is not supported by Samsung
Failure to complete the update process could result to bricking your phone
Downloading this ROM package from a different site may result in a fake or tampered firmware
Update at your own risk! I will not be held liable for any damage resulting in the use of this custom-ROM


This is a customized Omnia ROM package. Certain applications were removed to free up space, other packages were replaced with a newer version potentially improving performance and modified a few giving it a xxxHOLiC-look.

This ROM package requires Windows XP to update your Omnia.


Current Version: ech01-b11 with User Customization
Base ROM Version: DZIA2


  • Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 (1)
  • Arcsoft Mobile Video Editor
  • Arcsoft Streaming Player
  • Dice Simulator (2D6)
  • Google Launcher
  • Google Maps
  • Install Games
  • Microsoft Windows Update
  • Microsoft Windows Live
  • Opera 9.5
  • PlumSIP 6
  • Samsung Connected Home
  • Samsung Digital Frame
  • Samsung Favorite Settings
  • Samsung PodCasts
  • Samsung RSSReader
  • Samsung Task Switcher
  • Samsung Today 1 Plugin
  • Samsung Today Online Widgets Plugin
  • Samsung Touch Player
  • SharePix
  • Solitaire & Bubblebreaker
  • TecAce PhotoSlides
  • Transcriber Input Method
  • Tegic XT9 Samsung Input Method - This covers the Samsung Keyboard, Keypad & Phonepad.
  • Certain MP3's, images & themes


  • Used an earlier version of the Enchaned GPS program allowing updates via WIFI.
  • Update for Windows Mobile for PC (KB949168) integrated

  • Microsoft .NETCF 2.0 replaced with .NETCF 3.5 (2)
  • Microsoft SQLCE 3.0 replaced with SQLCE 3.5 (2)

  • The task switcher was replaced with the task manager in the shortcut buttons.
  • The photoslides was replaced with the media album in the shortcut buttons.
  • Altered the Samsung Today 2 plugin and its icons for independent use. It's now possible for this plugin to co-exist with the default Samsung Today 2.
  • xxxHOLiC Theme, Windows Media Player xxxHOLiC Skin, Power on/off animation/sound (3)

  • Hid Customer Feedback & Error Reporting in the Control Panel
  •'s User Customization included
    Security policy (101a) has been altered to allow for UC to install the other applications. To learn more about UC, click here.
For previous changes based on another ROM version, click here.

Samsung Launcher:

The Samsung Launcher has been modified to look for certain shortcuts to run certain programs. This would allow the user to install similar applications and still use the Samsung Launcher to run these preferred programs. These shortcuts must be placed in the \windows folder.
  • DigitalFrame: DigitalFrame.lnk
  • File Explorer: FExplore.lnk - this was the Internet Explorer button
  • Internet Browser button: Netbrw.lnk
  • Multimedia Player: MdPlayer.lnk
  • PhotoSlides: PhotoSlides.lnk
  • PodCasts button: PodCasts.lnk
  • RSSReader button: RSSReader.lnk
  • Settings button: FavoriteSettings.lnk - this originally launches the Favorite Settings application

Screen Shots:

Modified Samsung Today 2 Plugin
Samsung Volume Control, Enhanced-GPS Panel and Samsung Online Widget(4)
The Version, Memory & About Screens
Opera 9.5 b15529 running Adobe Flash Lite 3.1(4)
Black Skin for the Tegic XT9 Samsung Keypad, Keyboard and Phonepad(4)

Known Issues And Other Notes:

(1) It would seem that the Samsung Widgets specifically requires Adobe Flash Lite 2.1. Install this version if you plan on using the widgets.

(2) Certain programs may require specific versions of Microsoft SQLCE/.NETCF and thus may not work with this release. If your program is not working, please post in the discussion thread the name and the version to determine whether to revert to the original version that came with the firmware.

(3) The included xxxHolic Theme 1 although set to display black shade, Windows Mobile will automatically turn it to a gray shade. For an explanation on why Windows Mobile do this, click here.

(4) Samsung Online Widget, Opera 9.5, Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 and Tegic XT9 are available as a separate download.


  1. If you're unfamiliar with the update process I'm discouraging you to use any customized ROM. Visit the SAMSUNG site to familiarize yourself with the update process.
  2. Please fully charge your phone before attempting to update.
  3. Please backup your phone contacts, emails, messages and other important user information.
  4. Download and install the Samsung modem drivers for Windows XP.
  5. Download the file and scan for viruses. STOP if a virus is found. If the file is clean then run the self-extracting package. The updater will automatically run. Should an error occur while extracting the files, it's likely your download is corrupted.

    To increase the success of updating your ROM and prevent possible corruption of ROM files while updating: disconnect your computer from the network, turn off any firewall, antivirus and other unnecessary programs before running the updater.

  6. Enjoy your Samsung Omnia Phone: xxxHOLiC Edition (=

ROM Download:

Name Size MD5
xxxHOLiC-DZIA2-ech01-b11.exe 74,946,387 bytes 160A8ED6901C7C21022BD8B2C453F52B

Samsung Omnia Widgets Browser Fix: In order for the widgets to load a web link (ie: downloading a widget or viewing a CNN story), create an "Opera Browser" shortcut in the \windows folder.

Some of the removed programs can be found in the Applications section. Be sure to visit this section with your xxxHOLiC edition omnia web browser (Pocket IE or Opera downloaded from the applications section). Otherwise, the list will be limited.

Should you enjoy this mod and would like to help contribute in further development, please consider donating!

For any ROM related problems, please visit the discussion thread and describe the issue in detail.

Please do not mirror these files
Please link to this page and not directly to the files


Secany@Modaco for the stock ROM. Pako777, OldCast, Weisun and the people at for the ROM Kitchen. for UC. The person who packaged the MS SQLCE 3.5. GSMArena for one of the angled view of the Omnia.
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