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Samsung Custom ROM Mass Effect Edition
Please do not use these applications on a non-Samsung Omnia phone.
Applications from previous ROM versions are no longer available.

CAB Download

Most of the following packages have been extracted from the Samsung Omnia i900 firmware and should only be used with the Omnia phone. Unless noted, the programs have been extracted from the DZIA1 firmware. Only programs with newer files will now be updated. For any problems in running the programs, please describe it in detail in the discussion thread.

Some files are in RAR/ZIP format and needs to be decompressed first using WinRAR/PocketRAR (or any other programs that can handle RAR/ZIP) before running the CAB installer.

NOTE: Most of the Samsung applications can only be installed in the i900's main memory.

  • Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 - A prerequisite for the Samsung Online Widget.
  • Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 - More recent but NOT compatible with the Samsung widgets.
  • Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 PE - Experimental. A personally modified edition of the plugin. This will allow you to use this 3.1 plugin in Opera while still having 2.1 installed for the samsung widgets. Install Flash Lite 2.1 and Opera first before installing this one.
  • Arcsoft Mobile Video Editor
  • Arcsoft Streaming Player - For Testing
  • Black Theme Registry Fix - Turns your theme into a black shade instead of a dark gray like the one in Samsung's Themes application.
  • MS Mobile Remote Desktop - Extracted from HTC Blackstone.
  • Revert to original security policy 101a - Return the security policy (HKLM\Security\Policies\Policies -> 101a) to its original value of 0. This setting was altered for SDAutorun work on a fresh flash/hard-reset.
  • Opera Mobile 9.5 Build 15828 - (DXID1)
  • Samsung Mouse Pointers
  • Samsung Common Applications - (DXID1) Samsung Clock, Contacts (including PlusSecContact) and Call Log applications.
  • Samsung Connected Home - DLNA server
  • Samsung Digital Frame
  • Samsung Favorite Settings - (DXID1)
  • Samsung Menu Launcher - (DXID1)
  • Samsung Podcasts
  • Samsung RSS Reader
  • Samsung Task Switcher
  • Samsung Today 1 Plugin - Requires the Samsung Common Applications.
  • Samsung Today 2 Plugin - Requires the Samsung Common Applications.
  • Samsung Today Online Widget Plugin - (DXID1) Requires Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 and Samsung Common Applications.
  • Samsung TouchPlayer - (DXID1) Install in the device if you're also using the Samsung Online Widgets.
  • TecAce PhotoSlides
  • Tegic XT9 Black Theme - Support files to make the XT9 have a black keyboard theme. Unrar content and open basahinMoAko.txt (readme) with a text editor. If you're using my custom ROM, download the base program instead.
  • Tegic XT9 Black Theme IM Base Program with English Language - (DXID1) After installation and XT9 remains inaccessible, soft reset your phone.
  • Tegic XT9 Black Theme International Support - Requires the base program. Multiple language support for the XT9.

All removed applications are now available in one nice RAR archive (32MB).

To download the archive, click here.

Please do not mirror these files

Please link to this page and not directly to the files

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