Vital N®

A Revolutionary Organic Biofertilizer

How does Vital N® work?

  • Increases yields in rice and corn by at least 1 ton per hectare
  • Reduces fertilization cost because a 100g pack is equal to half of recommended fertilization rate which is about 4-8 bags of inorganic fertilizer depending on crop
  • Protects plants from bacterial and fungal attack
  • Lessens fertilizer seepage that pollutes the ground water and water bodies
  • Improves utilization of soil nutrients
  • Produces healthy and vigorous plants
  • Makes plants easily recover from disease and insect attacks
  • Improves capacity of plants to withstand limited water conditions

Hastens root growth and promotes seedling vigor

Treated onions yielded 15 tons more per hectare!!!

With Vital N®

Without Vital N®

A user-friendly and sustainable agriculture technology for increasing farmers' incomes at a lower cost

Vital N® is a product of:
Arnichem Corporation
2027 Magnolia St., Pleasant Village
College, Laguna
4031 Philippines
Tel/Fax: +63.49.536.3224
Mobile: +63.922.8VITALN; +63.917.324.5740; +63.917.796.3486