Vital N®

A Revolutionary Organic Biofertilizer

How does one use Vital N®?

  1. Rice seeds
    1. Soak rice seeds 12-36 hours in water. Drain and incubate until one end shows white.
    2. Mix 20 kg pre-germinated seeds with 100g Vital N® Green.
    3. Sow in prepared seed bed or rice field.
  2. Rice seedlings (Traditional planting method)
    1. Bundle the seedlings.
    2. Wash off as much soil as possible.
    3. Lay down seedling bundles on their side to expose the roots.
    4. Mix 100g Vital N® Green in 20-30 liters clean and clear water.
    5. Spray and drench the roots thoroughly with the Vital N® Green solution.
    6. Or soak the roots of the seedlings in the Vital N® Green solution.
    7. You may either plant immediately or leave the sprayed seedlings overnight before planting.
  3. Corn seeds (Dry mix for mechanical planting)
    1. Thoroughly mix 100g Vital N® Gold pack with 18 kg corn seeds.
    2. Plant seeds immediately.
  4. Corn seeds (Wet seeds)
    1. Thoroughly dissolve 100g Vital N® Gold  with 2.5 liters  clean water
    2. Divide 18kg pack of corn seeds equally into two large sturdy plastic containers or bags. Each container contains about 9kg corn seeds.
    3. Pour ½ of the 2.5 liter biofertilizer solution into the corn seeds.
    4. Mix well to moisten seeds with the biofertilizer solution.
    5. Plant seeds immediately.
    6. Do the same to the remaining corn seeds.
  5. Plants prone to root rot and other soil pathogens
    1. For fine seeds like those of onions, tomatoes and tobacco, mix 1.5 – 2.0 kgs seeds with 25g Vital N® Gold.
    2. Sow in prepared seedbed.
    3. When the seedlings are grown to planting size, uproot and soak the roots in Vital N® Gold solution at 100g/20-30 liters of water.
    4. Plant seedlings immediately.
  6. Tissue cultured banana plantlets
    1. Soak roots in Vital N® Gold solution at 100g/20-30 liters of water for at least 5 minutes.
    2. Plant seedlings immediately.
  7. Garlic cloves and shallot bulbs
    1. Soak cloves/bulbs for at least 5 minutes in Vital N® Gold solution at 100g/20-30 liter of water.
    2. Plant cloves/bulbs immediately.
  8. Orchids
    • Spray Vital N® Gold solution on roots and leaves of orchids every 6 months.
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